Types of Supplements which assist with Bodybuilding

bodybuilding supplements and stong musclesBody building is an important factor and constitutes a very vital part of looking good. There are so many young boys who desire to be good body builders. Most of them have just started exercising to become a body builder. Knowing about the kind of bodybuilding supplements available in the market makes it easy for you to make a choice. You do not run the risk of falling for the fancy terminology being used by protein manufacturers to grab your attention. So these supplements are available aplenty. Do not be confused. The first thing you need to know about protein supplements is that protein is available from several sources and the protein quality is measured by BV (biological value). Based on nitrogen retention, Biological value measures the amount of protein is taken up and used.  The higher the biological value more is the gain in lean muscle. Here we will discuss the different types of protein supplements on the supermarket shelf:


  • Whey proteins

  • - It is helpful in the improvement of performance in sports by reducing stress levels and cortisol levels, thereby reducing blood pressure
  • - Glutathione is a water soluble anti oxidant found in the body, whey protein increases glutathione
    • - They are easy to digest and have the highest biological value

  • Creatine

    • - Creatine is the most widely used form of protein supplement
    • - It is an amino acid that occurs naturally in a meat or fish diet
    • - Micronized creatine is available in the market and this form is easily soluble and can be mixed with liquid
    • - There are several types of chewable creatine also available. These are in the form of energy bars
    • - Creatine helps build up ATP that gives bouts of energy

These supplements are available to you through Mushashi, a 20 year old Australian company that supplies all types of performance nutrition. Mushashi believes that to achieve optimum performance it is important to use their supplements for intense activities.