Pipe Information, Hobas Pipe, GRP and Jacking Pipes

Global Pipe, is a leading pipe supplier not just in Australia but in it’s neighboring countries as well. Some of their most preferred products are GRP pipes and Hobas pipes for they are not only known domestically but internationally as well. Some of the points that will be discussed in this article are the benefits one can acquire from Hobas pipes and GRP pipes.  

GRP Pipe Systems

hobas pipe installation photoGRP jacking pipe has been known for a long time in countries like Japan, United States and Europe. Most of them, if not all have installed more than six-hundred kilometers of pipes all over their country and all was accomplished by way of jacking method. They have been supplying companies from these countries for almost twenty years now. The GRP pipes that they supply are corrosion resistant, able to withstand extreme pressure and with solid walls that are deemed maintenance free. These GRP pipes from Hobas are by far the first and only (as far as the company is concerned) pressure pipes available in the market that can actually be jacked.  


Due to its high-compressing ability, Hobas pipes provides a much thinner walling, thus a more smaller external diameter as compared to other regular pipes that is for jacking. Lubrication, equipment and excavation costs are also much cheaper because of its smaller outer diameter.  


Hobas jacking pipe can be availed in a variety of diameters, from the usual DN250 to its DN3, 000 types, all in 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 6 in length. A typical jacking pipe is made to withstand tremendous pressure and for application purposes that can go as high as PN10. The coupling of these said pipes are available in stainless steel and in GRP model, which is actually the most preferred. The allowed jacking force of each GRP pipes relies mainly on the thickness of the wall, while there are other sizes available upon request.