Bring your Sydney Wedding to Life with a String Quartet

Wedding planning can be a major task to complete. There are so many different details that must be taken care of. From whether to use fresh flowers on your cake to the entertainment for the event, you want all of the details to be perfect. The overall ambiance of your event involves creating the right experience and setting the mood for the event. One way you can set the ambiance is to choose the right Sydney or Melbourne venue foryour event. For example, you canconsider the Taronga Centre, escala string quartetWaterview in Bicentennial Park or an outdoor venue overlooking Sydney Harbour. These and other beautiful venues can help you to set the right tone for your wedding, but the importance of the musical sounds that fill the air at your event are not to be overlooked. A string quartet is the ideal solution for bringing your Sydney wedding to life. 



Sweet Sounds
Sydney string quartet such as String Musicians Australia is the perfect alternative to a live band or a DJ for a number of reasons. Most weddings are intended to be rather sophisticated events. The sounds of most band instruments like drums, a guitar and more are simply too overbearing for a sophisticated wedding. When you want your wedding day to be romantic, you want to choose sweet sounds from a Sydney string quartets (read more at to provide the musical entertainment. 

A Subtle Focal Point
A wedding is about the joining together of a man and a woman in holy matrimony, and the wedding reception is a celebration of the start of two lives together. The bride and groom are the focal point of the event. When you hire a live band, inevitably the guests' attention will be focused on the stage at the band performing. When you use a DJ, heads will turn to the DJ's direction when he makes announcements, chimes in with his verbal comments between songs and more. When you use a Sydney string quartet like, you can enjoy the benefit of live entertainment, and guests may pause to watch the string quartet perform on their instruments from time to time. However, the subtlety of a quartet can help to ensure that the focus of the event remains on the bride and groom. 

Instrumental Sounds
Many brides and grooms who choose to use a DJ or a live band will spend hours of their wedding planning efforts trying to develop a playlist for their event. They may carefully read through lyrics of various songs to uncover the meanings of the songs, focus on the upbeat or negative feelings associated with the songs and more. String quartets largely play instrumental versions of the songs, and many will have a playlist of suggested wedding songs available for you. Many of the most romantic songs ever performed have a timeless melody that most will recognise. The emotion of the songs can be felt by the guests through instrumental versions, and you won't have to spend time reviewing all of the lyrics. 

If you have not yet considered the benefits of using a  string quartet at your Sydney or Melbourne wedding such as, take time to consider how these benefits can help you to create the ideal wedding and reception through music.