Do Taller Shoes for Men Elevate Confidence?

I used to have a boyfriend who was just as tall as I am.  He was always very conscious about his height and forbade me to wear high heeled shoes when we were together.  His restriction always annoyed me because now, I am relegated to wearing ballet flats, which weren’t very fashionable at that time.  So I wondered, are there shoes that make you taller (such as those at that were made for men and boys as there obviously are for girls?


So, I went on a search for elevator shoes and shoe lifts for men and made it my life mission to buy some for my boyfriend at  True enough, there were several shoe manufacturers that were dedicated to making height increasing shoes, and my favourite  Mind you, they weren’t cheap, more expensive than regular shoes.  But if it means that I now get to wear heels, then I’d have to get them!

So, I went ahead and bought a pair for my boyfriend:


I was surprised when I got them that they don’t look any different than ordinary shoes and the height increase it gave my boyfriend was very obvious!  It made him about four inches taller than I was.  Needless to say, the tall shoes from became his favorite pair and he wore them every time we were together.  Not only do I now get to wear heels, I also noticed the difference in demeanor on my boyfriend.  He seemed more confident, more commanding, and exuded more authority.  Which got me thinking, is height directly proportional to a person’s confidence?



Looking back, my answer would probably be, yes.  There is something about tall people that attracts you to them.  We are more inclined to submit to the authority of a taller guy than to a shorter one.  It’s not to say that there are no short guys that are not confident, there certainly are, but photo of short man and taller man with shoesthere is also a reason behind why elevator shoes were invented in the first place.  Innovative shoe manufacturers found the need for them and surely, there are a lot of guys out there that benefit from their existence. Now if you're of shorter stature, you can try wearing vertically striped shirts from KingSize big tall mens clothing and spike up your hair, but these tricks only give the illusion of extra height.  Ask yourself – would the extra inches provided by height increasing shoes make a difference in my confidence?  It might be a prudent idea to try them out and see for yourself.