Launching a new website? Be sure to setup 301 redirects for a smooth transition

301 redirect signAs a business owner, you understand fully how beneficial a great website can be for your company. The right websitecan bolster brand image, improve consumer loyalty and enhance your bottom line. You may have decided recently that repositioning your online presence by launching a new website was in your best interest. For many companies, launching a new website can indeed be beneficial for numerous reasons. However, one of the most important steps that you can take when making this move is to set up 301 redirects. In fact, here are three key reasons why you need to use 301 redirects with your new launch.

Seamless User Experience
Your loyal customers may have your current URL memorised, and may manually type the URL in when they want to visit your website. Others may have the website address bookmarked, and they can easily locate your website through their browser’s “favourites” listings. When you change your website address, however, those loyal customers will not be able to find your website without a 301 redirect (click here to read more about setting up a 301 redirect). This is a feature that will redirect your domain visitors to your new domain name with ease. For example, if one of your customers types in your old URL manually, the redirect feature will automatically connect them to the new URL. This is a seamless user experience that can minimise or even eliminate customer frustration associated with your new website launch.

Search Engine Rankings
If you have spent any time trying to bolster your current website’s rankings with the search engines, you no doubt have at least some time and money invested into this effort. Your current website has some clout with the search engine pages, but a new website will have none. You will essentially be starting over with the search engines when you launch a new website. However, when you redirect your domain with a 301 redirect system (using your .htacccess file), you can benefit from transferring all of your current website’s clout to your new website. This means that your new URL will benefit from the efforts you put into boosting your old URL’s rankings.

The Bottom Line
Your business website plays a major role in the success of your business. While repositioning your online presence with a new URL may ultimately have numerous benefits for you, the transitional period associated with the launch can be problematic for you if you don’t take the proper steps to plan for the launch. With 301 redirects, you ultimately can minimise the possibility of experiencing a negative impact on your bottom line through your efforts. This is a great way to enjoy all of the benefits associated with launching a new business website without experiencing drawbacks associated with it. 

Now that you understand the benefits associated with using a 301 redirect with your website launch, you may be wondering how to implement this feature in your transition. You can learn more about how to redirect your domain to your new URL by visiting Making this effort today can help you to maximise the benefits associated with launching a new website.