How rain water tanks can save the environment and your pocket

One of the best steps that you can take today to improve your QLD or NSW property is to install a water tankWater tanks are designed to capture and hold rainwater as it falls freely onto your property during rain showers and storms. Depending on the size of the tank and the amount of rainfall, the tank may hold dozens or even hundreds or thousands of litres of water. This water can then be used to water the lawn, for internal use inside the home and more. With a closer look at the benefits associated with rain water tanks, you may decide that a water tank might be worth considering as an upgrade to make to your property.


Saving the Environment

Throughout Sydney and many other Australian cities, factors like the increasing population coupled with decreasing water supply have created a water shortage. This has caused water prices to increase in many areas, and it has also resulted in water rationing. While the municipal water supply has been decreasing in many areas, the fact is that in Brisbane (read more about the city of Brisbane on Wikipedia) and other cities, free water that falls as rain often runs off of properties and is absorbed into the ground without being harvested or fully utilised.

Using slimline tankspoly tanks or other styles of water tanks to capture and hold this water can minimise the strain on the municipal water supply and promote water conservation. 


Saving Money with a Rainwater Tank

There is an initial, up-front investment to install steel tanksunderground tanks and other models of tanks on your property. However, once they are installed, the tanks will continue to provide you with a financial return. The tanks can be installed so that a garden hose can be connected them. Each time you water your lawn, you can pull water from your free supply of rain water stored in your water tank. The tanks can also be installed so that they supply water to your toilets, washing machine and other features in the home. The amount of money that you can save on your water bill with these tanks can be significant. 

Choosing a Rain Water Tank for Your Property

Terracotta Slimline Water TankFor many homeowners in Brisbane (read more about Brisbane Water Tanks here:, Sydney and other cities smaller areas throughout Australia such as the Northern Rivers, installing water tanks is an option that makes sense for multiple reasons. There are a wide range of water tank styles and sizes to choose from. Generally, installing a tank that is capable of holding more litres of water may save you more money over the long-term. However, the size of the tank should also be determined by the climate of the location where it will be installed. 

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of tanks that you can install on your property, I’d recommend you contact The Tank Factory (on run a Google search to look for other water tank companies) through the website at Do some research on harvesting rain water, and learn more about the tanks that are best for your property.