Home & Commercial Window Tinting. The Benefits of window tinting in Brisbane


Window tints or window films are protective means that are made of either plastic or vinyl films.  These are used to resolve different kinds of problems regarding ultraviolet and solar radiation, heat retention, security and safety, privacy, and even for decorative functions. These products are usually seen on window panes, as the name denotes, or any glass surfaces of houses, buildings, and cars.

In the growing economy of Gold Coast and Brisbane, it is surely expected to see constructions of houses and buildings in every corner of both lands and increasing number of vehicle owners. Sophisticated and elegant homes would sometimes require UV and heat protection, while security and privacy are essential to contemporary buildings and high-end vehicles.  Gold Coast Window Tinting and also Brisbane Glass Tinting offers many support for these needs especially in their localities in which an increasing demand is always up one notch. These offers are delivered in accordance to specifications of home window tinting and commercial or industrial window tinting.


Window tinting in Gold Coast has providers in the name of Asunco Tinting, Cooltint, Doctor Tint, Express Tinting, Tint-a-Home, and a lot more. While Window tinting in Brisbane has providers such as Asunco Tinting, Tint Direct, Tintopia, Solarmaster, and the like. But the most popular worldwide is 3M Window Tint. Nevertheless, all these providers make all the basic need for window tinting be available to consumers. But it is important to know some background of the types of tints in the market to clearly differentiate one type to another.



Dyed or metalized heat rejection films are set on the interior of the glass windows to reduce the amount of infrared and UV radiation entering a building or a house. When the solar radiation hits the glass panels, it is then converted to infrared radiation. After the process, the latter is then eliminated back into the exterior of the tinted window. The energy loss from the heat can be as much as 30 to 50 percent.

Window Tinting Photo - Before and AfterA low-emissivity window coat can be applied on the outside of glazed windows to keep the sun’s heat out of the house, while applying on the reverse will keep the heat inside the house during cold weather. These films can also reduce the amount of UV light and are used to protect the contents of the room from fading. These works by blocking specific wavelengths of the sun’s radiation without affecting the amount of natural light that passes through.





Security films typically are made of heavy-gauge plastic intended to prevent glass breakage. These are usually used in commercial glasses prone to impact and damage. Forceful impacts such as bomb explosions and bullet shots that cause hazardous glass fragmentation are prevented by these heavy-duty films. In its sense, it can provide protection for vehicles or architectural glazing during an explosion event.


Colored or frosted vinyl are generally used for graphic designs films, which are common to commercial establishments. However, the two types serve different purposes in accordance to desired look. The vinyl finish comes into different colors while the frosted films are similar to sandblasted or acid-etched glass.

Another important window tint type is the privacy films, typical of use in automobiles. These are used to reduce the visibility through the glass. Oftentimes, these come in silvered finish that prevents view from the high-light into the inside but unconstrained view from the low-light. Sometimes, it can be translucent films but never as transparent. One-way mirror also uses this type of film.

There are still more of the purposes of window tinting in details. But in summary, as far as houses and buildings are concerned, the modern times will always find a match. The necessity to protect and care even as simple as window or glass matters will always be served by innovation and technology.